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West Music offers a great selection of music and conductor stands for whatever your needs. To help excite students, portable sheet music stands are available in many fun colors—blue, purple, green, orange, and more. Many of our hand selected folding music stands also include a carrying case for portability and convenience. For the maestros, we have curated some of the best compact conductor stands in the industry. In this collection, we've also included table top music stands, which are great for use at a desk, or also on the classroom floor. These are great when you have a lot of students needing space and traditional stands simply take up too much of your floor area. Whichever option your band room or practicing space may call for, you are sure to find the best sheet music and conductor stands at West Music.

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Manhasset 48 Music Stand
Item No. 500171 In Stock
Manhasset Music Stands
$81.95 $47.50
West Music Wire Music Stand w/Bag, Black
Item No. 500121 In Stock
West Music
$20.99 $9.99
Wenger Classic 50 Music Stand
Item No. 500522 In Stock
Wenger Music Stands
West Music Wire Music Stand w/Bag, Purple
Item No. 500461 In Stock
West Music
$27.99 $14.95
West Music Wire Music Stand w/Bag, Blue
Item No. 500457 In Stock
West Music
$27.99 $14.95
Manhasset 48 Music Stand & Stand Light Bundle
Item No. 500591 In Stock
Manhasset Music Stands
$105.89 $59.55
On-Stage SM7711B Orchestra Stand
Item No. 500664 In Stock
On-Stage Music Stands
$79.99 $38.95
Hamilton KB95E Encore Symphonic Music Stand
Item No. 500288 In Stock
Hamilton Music Stands
$74.95 $39.10
West Music Wire Music Stand w/Bag, Red
Item No. 500462 In Stock
West Music
$27.99 $14.95

    Keeping sheet music organized while playing allows the musician to focus on the notes in front of them. Instead of laying them on a table – or worse – a floor, the player can feel at ease knowing that their next line is readily available to read. West Music stocks an incredible variety of music stands featuring different designs suited for any musicians needs. Some even come with travel bags, allowing the stand to be taken along for performances. With varying adjustable heights, stands can last a lifetime and adapt to player’s height. Tilted book plates make the stand available for seated or standing play.

    We provide these music stands from only the top brands, including Nomad, Accent, Fellowes, Hamilton Stands, Manhasset, On-Stage, Wenger, and our own West Music. With quality products like these, you can’t make a wrong choice. When the performance is over, simply fold up you music stand for simple storage.

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