For a truly pristine sound, musicians must take excellent care of their equipment. West Music has curated a wonderful selection of instrument polish and cleaning cloths, all gentle enough to get the job done without being overly rough. For instance, our Super Sensitive cello and violin maintenance products leave an immaculate finish by removing fingerprints and any other dirt or debris; used dry, they also remove rosin build-up on strings. For a comprehensive cleaning, we’ve created instrument maintenance kits that include cleaning cloths for fine wood; bass, cello and violin polish; and fresh rosin. Prolong the health of your musical investments with these affordable necessities from West Music.

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West Music Polishing Cloth for Wood Instruments
Item No. 353518 In Stock
West Music
Super Sensitive 9447 Wood Polishing Cloth
Item No. 350390 In Stock
Super Sensitive
$3.50 $2.65
Super Sensitive 9449 Wood Polish and Polishing Cloth
Item No. 350391 In Stock
Super Sensitive
$12.95 $9.70

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