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Bass and cello endpin rests are essential to any player’s performance. These helpful gadgets protect floors and simultaneously keep your instrument steadily in place during practice or a recital. West Music happily offers several endpin rests– from simple, sturdy metal cups with non-skid rubber bases to modern, bubbled styles. These hip, colorful products are made with a rubber surface that lets your instrument slip effortlessly into place. Best of all, they work atop any surface for versatile usability. We’ve also added an endpin anchor, which attaches easily to a stable base, like a chair, to keep your instrument standing tall. Enhance the playability of your students’ bass and cello instruments with West Music’s cell and bass endpin rests and anchors that are accompanied by a lifetime guarantee.

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Xeros Cello Endpin Anchor
Item No. 350425 In Stock
$29.49 $20.49
Sure Stop Rockstop Endpin Rest, String Bass
Item No. 350423 In Stock
Sure Stop
$19.59 $13.49
Sure Stop Rockstop Endpin Rest, Cello
Item No. 350424 In Stock
Sure Stop
$16.09 $11.49
Xeros String Bass Endpin Anchor
Item No. 354338 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$32.09 $22.99
Meisel Bass Endpin Wheel, 10mm
Item No. 355674 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$91.09 $71.09
Viva La Musica Cello Endpin Rest, Black
Item No. 352596 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Viva La Musica
$26.89 $20.19

    Prevent slips from occurring with endpin rests and anchors for orchestral instruments, including cello and bass. Crafted to prevent damage to floors, these tools sit at the bottom point of the endpin, and work by adding a layer of protection between sharp tip and tile, wood, or carpet flooring. Endpin rests and anchors also ensure a more stable position for players by adding surface area and improving friction. Whether you’re casually practicing at home, teaching students in class, or performing in a recital, these products are key pieces to any performance.

    West Music carries an array of endpin rest styles, including traditional rubber disks with metal holding cups, more modern bubbled versions for easy adjustments, and endpoint anchor styles that hold your bass or cello stable via an attachment to your chair. Each of these pieces works well for a variety of surfaces, so you can ensure a slip-free performance no matter where you play!