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Instrument mutes are most commonly used to help dampen the sound by decreasing sound vibrations when played, reducing the overall volume; this is incredibly valuable when multiple musicians collaborate to create a singular, beautiful performance. To properly equip your orchestral pit or your practice space, turn to the bass, cello, viola and violin mutes of West Music. Our online store brings you accessories from Wolf, Ultra and Tourte, as well as a product-diversity that will be helpful when fulfilling your specific needs. For instance, practice rubber violin mutes will lessen volume without affecting the instrument’s overall timbre; on the other hand, metal bass and cello wolf eliminators refine your tone. Explore West Music’s many string instrument mutes for practice and performance.

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Artino Practice Mute, Cello
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$26.39 $16.59
Tourte Round 2-Hole Violin Mute
Item No. 350450 In Stock
$1.89 $1.49
Tourte Round 2-Hole Cello Mute
Item No. 350449 In Stock
$4.69 $3.79
Artino Practice Mute, Violin/Viola
Item No. 350445 In Stock
$22.59 $15.19
Ultra Rubber Practice Mute, Violin
Item No. 350454 In Stock
$11.00 $7.99
Tourte Round 2-Hole String Bass Mute
Item No. 350448 In Stock
$10.59 $8.49
Wolf Eliminator, Cello
Item No. 350404 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$12.49 $9.59
Sihon Slide-On Wire Mute, Violin
Item No. 350444 In Stock
$7.49 $4.89
Spector Violin Mute
Item No. SPC34773 In Stock
$14.29 $9.49

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    Create a softer sound and follow directions for con sordino, sourdine, and mit dämpfer with the use of a mute for your violin, cello, bass, or other string instrument. These tools work by dampening string vibrations, producing a much more toned-down sound and reduced volume. Find mutes that simply soften the volume but don’t alter the timbre, eliminate the wolf tones on cellos, or ones that affect each aspect of the sound. A fantastic option for players who practice at home and don’t want to disturb the neighbors, as well as students playing in a recital, or professional musicians performing for an audience.

    West Music offers a wide variety of orchestral mutes to suit your needs. Browse our selection of top-notch brands like Wolf, Otto Musica, Ultra, Tourte, and Sihon, all available in a range of prices to fit any budget!