Keep your students' violin, cello or bass in top shape with orchestral string rosin. The specially designed material, created from the secretions of various pine trees, is applied to the bow to ensure an easier grip on the strings. This allows for a more resonant tone. West Music has a wonderful selection of the best bow rosins available, including the high-quality D'Addario Kaplan Premium variety. Crafted by prolific names like D'Addario and Sherman, bass, cello, viola and violin rosins are loved for the way they help reduce dust. Amongst West Music's collection, you'll even find a hypoallergenic, synthetic version that is also resistant to humidity. Explore our light, dark and colored orchestral bow rosins, all available to affordably purchase online.

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Sherman SR1 Violin-Viola Rosin
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$4.59 $3.25
Pops Bass Rosin
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D'Addario Natural Rosin, Light
Item No. 352248 In Stock
$6.00 $4.20
Sherman SR2 Cello Rosin, Dark
Item No. 350883 In Stock
$4.59 $3.25
D'Addario Natural Rosin, Dark
Item No. 350869 In Stock
$6.00 $4.20
$14.00 $10.25
$4.59 $3.10
$16.50 $13.20
D'Addario Kaplan Premium Rosin with Case, Dark
Item No. 654733 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$16.50 $13.20