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Orchestral shoulder rests are designed to follow the natural curve of the uppermost body, providing comfort as a player performs. By adding height and soft padding to control the instrument's weight, West Music's hand-chosen viola and violin shoulder rests are essential for any serious orchestral musician – beginner or professional. We understand that development depends on comfort, so we're proud to carry some of the best supports from Basic Beat, Kun, and Everest, sold in an assortment of sizes to fit a wide range of instrumentalists. Give your growing musicians the products they deserve with shoulder rests for violas and violins from West Music.

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Everest Easy Series EZ-VA Shoulder Rest, Viola 15-16.5"
Item No. 354324 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Kun Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest
Item No. 350810 In Stock
$33.99 $31.49
poly-pad Shoulder Rest, Violin/Viola Medium
Item No. 354071 In Stock
Kun Collapsible Viola Shoulder Rest
Item No. 355487 In Stock
$35.79 $33.49

    Stabilize your violin or viola while simultaneously ensuring the most comfortable playing angle with an orchestral shoulder rest. While playing without one is possible, many musicians like the additional height of the shoulder rest, and find it easier and more comfortable to use one. These supports reduce muscle strain in the neck or shoulder that often occurs when you’re forced to hold your violin or viola, and can make playing easier by freeing up the thumb and allowing for greater finger mobility.

    West Music understands that comfort depends on quality, so we’re proud to carry shoulder rests from some of the top brands in the industry including Everest, Basic Beat, and Bentota. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, these products are sure to fit a range of budgets and needs for players of all abilities and ages.