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Orchestral String Instrument Strings

West Music carries the perfect mix of violin, cello and viola strings for both beginner and advanced players that appreciate rich tone quality. Our collection’s offered sizes span from 1/2 to 4/4, and includes steel, nylon, and Zyex core products. What’s more, these violin or cello strings have been lauded by many for their ease of use, as well as the projected, pleasant sound that is produced. A large majority of these products are made in the USA by some of the most beloved viola, cello and violin string manufacturers, like D’Addario and Helicore. Plus, if you’re only looking to replace one string, West Music also has single A, C, D, E or G strings for cellos, violas and violins. Buy online with West Music to fulfill your orchestral instruments with nothing less than the best.

violin strings
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Prelude J810 Violin String Set, 3/4
Item No. 355488 In Stock
$37.75 $16.99
Prelude J1010 Cello String Set, 3/4
Item No. SPC22597 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$121.75 $56.05
Prelude J1011 Cello A String, 3/4
Item No. 351548 In Stock
$27.75 $12.80
Prelude J812 Violin A String, 3/4
Item No. 351575 In Stock
$10.25 $4.75
Prelude J1014 Cello C String, 3/4
Item No. 351563 In Stock
$35.50 $16.35
Prelude J1012 Cello D String, 3/4
Item No. 351553 In Stock
$29.75 $13.70
Prelude J811 Violin E String, 3/4
Item No. 351569 In Stock
$6.25 $2.90
Prelude J813 Violin D String, 3/4
Item No. 351581 In Stock
$10.75 $4.95
Prelude J1013 Cello G String, 3/4
Item No. 351558 In Stock
$32.25 $14.85

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    Hit those rich notes you’ve been dreaming about with new orchestral strings for your violin. West Music carries a wide assortment of strings for violins, cello, bass, and viola, so that players of any skill set can improve their sound. We offer full sets and independent strings in sizes ranging from 1/2 to 4/4, as well as single notes like A, C, D, E, and G to replace broken or damaged ones. Crafted from such materials as temperature resistant steel, and quality synthetics like nylon and Zyex, these strings come from such trusted brand names as Dominant, Helicore, and D’Addario.

    Whether you’re looking for a brighter, more vibrant sound or warmer, richer tones, the orchestral strings available at West Music can deliver what you need at prices you can afford. Teachers, professional musicians, and independent learners alike can easily find the strings they need without breaking the bank!