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Tuners, Metronomes, & Tuner/Metronome Combos

Take your playing to the next level with a new clip-on tuner or instrument tuner & metronome combo from West Music!

Even the finest instruments can be hard to listen to when they're out of tune. Center your pitch and focus your rhythm with a metronome and tuner combo from West Music. Some of our digital tuners even feature both tools in one device, but for the traditionalist, West Music also carries manual chromatic pitch pipes, tuning forks, and pendulum metronomes. No musician or music education classroom should go without a tuner and metronome, so we can all hit the right notes at the right time, every time.

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McAdams Model 40 Tuner/Metronome w/Remote
Item No. 500734 Ships directly from Manufacturer
McAdams Metronome/Tuner
$1,523.00 $1,295.00
Accent ACC-705 Tuner/Metronome
Item No. 500537 In Stock
Accent Metronome/Tuner
$18.95 $9.99
$39.00 $19.99
West Music A440 Tuning Fork with Neckstrap
Item No. 500510 In Stock
West Music Tuning Fork
$9.99 $7.00
Boss DB-90 Dr Beat Metronome
Item No. 500247 In Stock
Boss Metronome
Yamaha HD-300 Harmony Director
Item No. 500979 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$950.00 $737.99
Snark SN-RE Rechargeable Clip-On Tuner
Item No. 357679 In Stock
Snark Black
$29.99 $19.99
Kratt MK2-S Master Key Pitch Pipe, C to C w/Note Selector
Item No. 500115 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Kratt Pitch Pipe
$34.95 $32.95
Korg TM-60 Tuner/Metronome
Item No. 500779 In Stock
Korg Metronome/Tuner
$33.99 $31.99

    Configure your instruments to produce the perfect pitch and stay on track with the various tuners and metronomes from West Music. From digital tuner and met combos to the more traditional pitch pipes and tuning forks, we carry a variety of tools to help you keep instruments in peak playing condition and hitting all the right notes. Whether you’re making adjustments on a guitar, teaching students to keep the tempo on a new song, or tuning the whole band before a concert, a tuner or metronome is an essential tool in any musician’s collection or educator’s classroom.

    Available from trusted brands including D’Addario, Accent, Kratt, Korg, and Yamaha, each piece in the West Music selection provides the best value to you, our customer. No song, band, concert, or recital is ready without a properly tuned instrument.