West Music is here to help you find the one! Pick up a clip-on digital metronome or standard analog metronome!

West Music's array of quartz, pendulum, digital metronomes are perfect for music students in the classroom or at home. We offer them in a range of sizes, with easy clip-on or pocket-sized metronomes perfect for students and teachers on the go. Great for practicing rhythm and tempo, we carry plenty of digital offerings, as well as traditional options. Our digital metronome models have a host of additional capabilities, including ranges of rhythm patterns, timer, stopwatch functions, and even pitch for tuning instruments. These multi-function metranome tools really ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Additionally, with Wittner, Korg, Boss, Matrix & Intelli metronomes, you can be sure that all options in our collection are top quality. Click through to check them out today!