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Chromatic pitch pipes and generators are useful tools for ensuring your instrument, or voice, stays on pitch. Because we know all musicians are different, West Music's selection comes in an assortment of styles, ranges and prices to best address your specific preferences. All are extremely portable and a few even come with a convenient carrying case to keep it safe and clean between uses, like our Kratt pitch pipes. We also sell a combo pipe/metronome in one, which is great for budding musicians! No matter whether you're a violinist or singer, our pitch pipes and tools will improve your performances while training your ear.

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Intelli IMT-1000 Digital Metronome with Pitch Generator
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Intelli Tuner
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    Keep instruments in tune, whether it’s a violin or voice, with an easy to use pitch pipe from West Music. We offer an array of styles, from chromatic pitch pipes to digital metronomes and generators, to ensure everything sounds just right for recitals, concerts, and practice. More convenient than carrying around tuning forks, many of our pitch pipes are compact in shape and size, and come with their own cases for simple and safe storage and transportation. Available in ranges from F to F and C to C that work with instruments like violins and cellos as well as voice, we carry a product to fit all of your needs.

    West Music understands that not everyone was born with a perfect ear. For the rest of the players out there, easily and affordably train your ear with pitch pipes from top brands in the industry including Kratt, Intelli, and Performance Plus.

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