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Tuning forks are a simple way to achieve pitch when tuning your musical instrument. Requiring no cords or electronics, these hand-held tools can be used just about anywhere. For ultimate convenience, we've even included an A-440 tuning fork necklace so instructors can carry them hands-free. Our durable musical aids are also affordably priced for school-friendly budgets. Additionally, tuning fork therapy has also been popularized in wellness and holistic environments to help people settle into moments of meditation and relaxation - ideal for music therapy sessions. West Music carries tuning forks for sale from top brands, so browse online and find yours today!

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West Music A440 Tuning Fork with Neckstrap
Item No. 500510 In Stock
West Music Tuning Fork
$9.99 $7.00
Wittner 920 A Tuning Fork, 3" Long
Item No. 500237 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Wittner Tuning Fork
$7.60 $6.84
D'Addario PWTF-A A Tuning Fork, 4" Long
Item No. 500222 In Stock
D'Addario Tuning Fork
$21.20 $13.79
Wittner 922 A Tuning Fork, 4.5" Long
Item No. 500239 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Wittner Tuning Fork
$13.75 $11.99

    Invented in the 1700s, the tuning fork is a simple and easy tool to identify the proper pitch your instruments should be playing at. Crafted with two tines forming a slender “U” shape and a comfortable handle grip, tuning forks produce some of the purest tones at the fundamental frequency. With no batteries, chords, or plugs needed, they can be used just about anywhere. Tuned to the A=440 Hz note, these forks are the standard for concerts, making them an essential tool for any music instructor with a recital or concert to prepare students for.

    Available from names like D’Addario and our own in-house brand, the tuning forks from West Music provide an excellent value to music therapists, teachers, and musicians alike.