Vandoren Bass Clarinet 5PK Reeds, 3


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Vandoren Traditional reeds are the most widely played in the professional world, and for good reason! They are versatile and suitable for all styles of playing from classical to jazz, and have an excellent sound quality and consistency over registers. Vandoren’s reeds are manufactured in a humidity-controlled environment and then individually wrapped within the box for optimum quality and freshness during transport. It’s almost like playing the reed right after it's made. They are a great choice for advanced and professional players.  -Melinda

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Vandoren Traditional Clarinet Reeds are widely used among professionals in all genres. This reed is designed to produce a quality of extremely pure sound due to a very thin reed tip (the area of reed with maximum vibration) and a solid vertebral column (more cane in the area which climbs gradually to the heel). These reeds are recognizable by a straight line to delineate the limit of the area of bark. The favorite reed of professional clarinetists, Vandoren Traditional Reeds have always been used with equal success by many players.

Instrument: Bass Clarinet
Strength: 3
Box of 5

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