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Random House Book of Poetry for Children

By Prelutsky, Jack
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572 poems for children; divided into thematic chapters. Are you happy, sad, bored, or mad? Whatever your mood, just flip through this book and you'll find your place in an exciting world of poetry, nonsensical and real, thoughtful and funny. Includes 14 poems written especially for this book by Jack
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572 poems for children; divided into thematic chapters. Are you happy, sad, bored, or mad? Whatever your mood, just flip through this book and you'll find your place in an exciting world of poetry, nonsensical and real, thoughtful and funny. Includes 14 poems written especially for this book by Jack Prelutsky to introduce each section. Engaging illustrations decorate each page (some black & white, and some in color).
Nature Is...: Auguries of Innocence (Blake), All Things Bright & Beautiful (Alexander), I'm Glad the Sky Is Painted Blue, The Universe (Miller), Measurement (Sullivan), On the Bridge (Greenaway), Flint (Rossetti), The Wolf Cry (Sarett), The Secret Song (Brown), Last Rites (Rossetti), Trees (Coleridge), The Crocus (Crane), Dandelion (Conkling), The Ferns (Baro), Birch Trees (Moreland), Wind-Wolves (Sargent), The Wind (Reeves), Mountain Wind (Loots), Windy Nights (Stevenson), Who Has Seen the Wind (Rossetti), Mountain Brook (Coatsworth), River Winding (Zolotow), Water's Edge (Morrison), Mud (Boyden), The Muddy Puddle (Lee), Sea Shell (Lowell), The Sea, Until I Saw the Sea (Moore), The Rain Has Silver Sandals (Justus), Rain Clouds (Long), To Walk in Warm Rain (McCord), Rhyme (Coatsworth), The More It Snows (Milne), First Snow (Allen), When All the World Is Full of Snow (Bodecker), Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening (Frost), The Snowflake (de la Mare), Check (Stephens), The Moon's the North Wind's Cooky (Lindsay), The Star (Taylor), Night Comes (de Regniers), Night (Hoberman), Silver (de la Mare), The Night Is a Big Black Cat (Clark).
The 4 Seasons: The Months (Coleridge), 4 Seasons, January (Updike), Martin Luther King (Livingston), Lincoln (Turner), Ground Hog Day (Moore), Beyond Winter (Emerson), Valentine (Silverstein), Ice (Roberts), Washington (Turner), Smells (Worth), February Twilight (Teasdale), Paper Dragons (Schmeltz), Maple Feast (Frost), When (Aldis), Daylight Saving Time (McGinley), March (Coatsworth), The March Wind, Wearing of the Green (Fisher), Spring Rain (Chute), Ode to Spring (Brooks), Easter (Kilmer), Spring Is (Katz), On Mother's Day (Fisher), Spring (Kuskin), Good-bye My Winter Suit (Bodecker), A Moment in Summer (Zolotow), A Rocket in My Pocket, Maytime Magic (Watts), Summer (Asch), Joyful (Burgunder), October (Aldrich), October (Sendak), August (Updike), Harvest Home (Guiterman), This Is Halloween (Thompson), Lazy Witch (Livingston), Thanksgiving Magic (Bennett), 12 October (Livingston), Thanksgiving (Eastwick), Thanksgiving Day (Child), Light the Festive Candles (Fisher), The Children's Carol (Farjeon), Winter Moon (Hughes), I Heard a Bird Sing (Herford), Merry Christmas (Fisher), From-A Christmas Package (McCord), A Visit from St. Nicholas (Moore).
Dogs & Cats & Bears & Bats: The Waltzer in the House (Kunitz), Mice (Fyleman), The Chipmunk's Song (Jarrell), To a Squirrel at Kyle-Na-No (Yeats), The Rabbit (Roberts), The Hedgehog (Bell), The Bat (Roethke), The Bat (Jacobs), The Sloth (Roethke), Camel (Brownjohn), The Camel's Complaint (Carryl), Buffalo Dusk (Sandburg), The Hippopotamus (Prelutsky), Holding Hands (Link), Oliphaunt (Tolkien), The Wolf (Durston), Beside the Line of Elephants (Becker), 4 Little Foxes (Sarett), Grandpa Bear's Lullaby (Yolen), The Lesser Lynx (Rieu), Polar Bear (Kredenser), The Lion (Prelutsky), Lion (Smith), Leopard (Kreps), Seal (Smith), The Performing Seal (Field), The Donkey, The Wild the Free ( Byron), The Mandrill (Aiken), Ode to the Pig-His Tail (Brooks), The Pig (Young), The Hairy Dog (Asquith), A Pig Is Never Blamed (Deutsch), The Cow (Nash), Roger the Dog (Hughes), Lone Dog (McLeod), Sunning (Tippett), Bliss (Farjeon), I've Got a Dog, His Highness's Dog, The Cat of Cats (Rands), A Cat in Despondency, The Cats of Kilkenny, Country Barnyard (Coatsworth), Cats (Farjeon), Cat (Miller), Little Things (Stephens), Feather or Fur (Becker), Cat's Menu (Shaw).
The Ways of Living Things: Hey Bug (Moore), Hurt No Living Thing (Rossetti), Green Stems (Brown), A But Sat in a Silver Flower (Kuskin), Crickets (Worth), Praying Mantis (Hoberman), Ants Although Admirable Are Awfully Aggravating (Brooks), Wasps (Aldis), The Flea (Young), Bug in a Jug, The Bug (Barrows), Oh the Toe-Test (Farber), When Mosquitoes Make a Meal (Minarik), Cockroaches (Starbird), A Dragonfly (Farjeon), Fireflies in the Garden (Frost), Caterpillar (Rossetti), The Tickle Rhyme (Serraillier), Ladybug (Anglund), The Codfish, A Wee Little Worm (Riley), The Flattered Flying Fish (Rieu), Long Gone (Prelutsky), The Shark (Douglas), Fishes' Evening Song (Ipcar), Sally & Manda (Campbell), The Lizard (Gardner), The Boa (Bell), Brontosaurus (Kredenser), Desert Tortoise (Baylor), The Frog (Belloc), The Crocodile (Carroll), Samuel (Katz), The Tree Frog (Moore), The Hummingbird (Flanders), The Polliwog (Guiterman), Baby Talk (Stewart), The Canary (Nash), Ducks' Ditty (Grahame), The Duck (Digance), The Blackbird (Wolfe), Sea Gull (Coatsworth), The Sandpiper (Frost), The Sandpiper ( Bynner), Something Told the Wild Geese (Field), The Hen (Douglas), Night Heron (Frost), The Vulture (Belloc), The Sparrow Hawk (Hoban), The Eagle (Tennyson).
City Oh City: Just for One Day (Morrison), The Riveter (Watts), Gift with the Wrappings Off (Counselman), City City (Ridlon), Sing a Song of Subways (Merriam), Things to Do If You Are a Subway (Katz), Flowers Are a Silly Bunch (Spilka), Rudolph Is Tired of the City (Brooks), That May Morning (Jacobs), Umbilical (Merriam), Sunrise (Asch), The People (Roberts), The People Upstairs (Nash), Zebra (Thurman), Crowds (Schonborg), Concrete Mixers (Hubbell), They've All Gone South (Miller), Pigeons (Moore), Sing a Song of People (Lenski), Stickball (Schonborg), A Sad Song About Greenwich Village (Park), Fog (Sandburg), Alley Cat School (Asch), Open Hydrant (Ridlon), April Rain Song (Hughes), City Lights (Field), Rainy Nights (Thompson), City (Hughes), Frightening (Lewis), Where Are You Now (Miller), Foghorns (Moore), The City Dump (Holman), Cockpit in the Clouds (Dorrance).
Children Children Everywhere: Hug O' War (Silverstein), Advice to Small Children (Anthony), The Joke, Changing (Hoberman), Somebody, I Saw a Little Girl I Hate (Spilka), Huckleberry Gooseberry Raspberry (Watson), Love (Smith), I Love You, Question, I Hate Harry (Chaikin), Puzzle (Spilka), John Tom & James (Ross), Double-Barreled Ding-Dong-Bat (Lee), Yip-yap Rattletrap (Watson), Tag Along (Payne), 10 Kinds (Dodge), There Was a Little Girl (Longfellow), 2 People (Rieu), Read This with Gestures (Ciardi), Table Manners (Burgess), Jack (Ross), Bubble Gum (Payne) Did You (Cole), Why Run (Smaridge), The Story of Augustus Who Would Not Have Any Soup (Hoffmann), Eat-it-all Elaine (Starbird), Tired Tim (de la Mare), Wendy in Winter (Starbird), Tony Baloney (Lee), Fernando (Ridlon), Queenie (Jacobs), Jessica Jane (Justus), Follow the Leader (Fraser), Freddy (Lee), Girls Can Too (Hopkins), No Girls Allowed (Prelutsky), Little Clotilda, We're Racing Racing Down the Walk (McGinley), Maggie & Milly & Molly & May (cummings), Wrestling (Fraser), Measles (Starbird), Barbershop (Gardner), Wiggly Giggles (Crossen & Covell), Since Hanna Moved Away (Viorst), A Lullaby (Carroll), What in the World (Merriam). 
Me I Am: My Name Is (Clarke), Me (de la Mare), My Father Owns the Butcher Shop, I Am Rose (Stein), Me (Kuskin), Every Time I Climb a Tree (McCord), The Reason I Like Chocolate (Giovanni), Mark's Fingers (O'Neill), When I Was Lost (Aldis), Keziah (Brooks), Just Me (Hillert), How to Get There (Nims), A Wolf (Osage Indian), Dust of Snow (Frost), Sulk (Holman), If No One Ever Marries Me (Alma-Tadema), Broom Balancing (Fraser), About Feet (Hillert), On the Skateboard (Morrison), I Can Fly (Holman), Basketball (Giovanni), Basketball Star (Fufuka), Song (Krauss), Growing Up (Behn), The Marrog (Scriven), Everybody Says (Aldis), Stupid Old Myself (Hoban), Don't Tell Me That I Talk Too Much (Spilka), Surprises (Soule), If We Didn't Have Birthdays (Dr. Seuss), History (Livingston), I Am Cherry Alive (Schwartz), I'm Really Not Lazy (Spilka), Winter Clothes (Kuskin), I'm Nobody Who Are You (Dickinson), Yawning (Farjeon), Rhinos Purple Hippos Green (Hearn), One Day When We Went Walking(Hobbs).
Home- You're Where It's Warm Inside: The Wrong Start (Chute), Mother's Nerves (Kennedy), John (Bodecker), Waking (Moore), Mother Doesn't Want a Dog (Viorst), Amelia Mixed the Mustard (Housman), I Wish I Could Meet the Man That Knows (Ciardi), Some Things Don't Make Any Sense at All (Viorst), The First Tooth (Lamb), Bringing Up Babies (Fuller), 6 Weeks Old (Morley), Help (Kennedy), Lil' Bro' (Fufuka), My Brother (Ridlon), Leave Me Alone (Holman), The Myra Song (Ciardi), Let Others Share (Anthony), In the Motel (Kennedy), Rules (Kuskin), The Runaway (Katz), Soap (Gardner), What Someone Said When He Was Spanked on the Day Before His Birthday (Ciardi), They're Calling (Holman), Going Up (Moore), Up in the Pine (Watson), Homework (Yolen), Homework (Hoban), Hot Line (Dunann), I'm Alone in the Evening (Rosen), The Winning of the TV West (Alexander), The Middle of the Night (Kuskin), Our House (Thompson), 2 People (Merriam).
I'm Hungry: My Mouth (Adoff), This Is Just to Say (Williams), Tomorrow's the Fair, Turtle Soup (Carroll), Oodles of Noodles (Hymes), Mummy Slept Late & Daddy Fixed Breakfast (Ciardi), Egg Thoughts (Hoban), Pie Problem (Silverstein), Meg's Egg (Hoberman), Celery (Nash), Taste of Purple (Jacobs), Chocolate Cake (Payne), Patience (Katz), My Little Sister (Wise), Little Bits of Soft-Boiled Egg (Maschler), Chocolate Chocolate (Adoff), 1000 Hairy Savages (Milligan), I Eat My Peas with Honey, Accidentally (Kumin), I Raised a Great Hullabaloo, Twickham Tweer (Prelutsky), The Worm (Bergengren), The Pizza (Nash), Soliloquy of a Tortoise (Rieu), Mr. Pratt (Livingston), Sneaky Bill (Cole).
Some People I Know: Some People (Field), People (Zolotow), Routine (Guiterman), Daddy Fell into the Pond (Noyes), Smart (Silverstein), One Misty Moisty Morning, Thoughts on Talkers (Brooks), My Brother Bert (Hughes), Grandpapa (Graham), Growing Old (Henderson), Grandpa Dropped His Glasses (Jackson), Manners (Van Rensselaer), Uncle (Graham), Miss Norma Jean Pugh (O'Neill), Godmother (Morden), Too Many Daves (Seuss), The Little Boy & the Old Man (Silverstein), Tombstone (Hymes), Air Traveler (Morrison), House For Sale (Clark), Jittery Jim (Smith), On a Bad Singer (Coleridge), Dr. Emmanuel (Reeves), Hog-Calling Competition (Bishop), Old Quin Queeribus (Turner), There Was an Old Man with a Beard (Lear), Jonathan Bing (Brown), Poor Old Lady, Fatty Fatty Boom-a-latty, Solomon Grundy, Mr. Kartoffel (Reeves), Aunt Sponge & Aunt Spiker (Dahl), The Sugar Lady (Asch), Lord Cray (Gorey), Together (Engle), The Opposite of 2 (Wilbur), Sir Smasham Uppe (Rieu).
Nonsense Nonsense: Jabberwocky (Carroll), Toot Toot, Higglety Pigglety Pop (Goodrich), On the Ning Nang Nong (Milligan), The Common Cormorant (Isherwood), McIntosh Apple (Kroll), The Lobsters & the Fiddler Crab (Forster), The Butterfly's Ball (Roscoe), The Contrary Waiter (Parker), Whoops, Way Down South, The Duel (Field), The Owl & the Pussy-Cat (Lear), The Hare & the Pig (Bridgman), The Alligator (Macdonald), The Lizard (Roethke), The Shark (Bell), I Had a Little Pig, The Ants at the Olympics (Digance), The Animal Fair, The Purple Cow (Burgess), I Asked My Mother, Algy Met a Bear, The Walrus (Flanders), Adventures of Isabel (Nash), Alligator Pie (Lee), Beela by the Sea (Jackson), You Must Never Bath in an Irish Stew (Milligan), Did you Ever Go Fishing, Sensitive Seldom & Sad (Peake), Josephine (Resnikoff), The Folk Who Live in Backward Town (Hoberman), Father William (Carroll), Johnnie Crack & Flossie Snail (Thomas), The Snail's Dream (Herford), The Twins (Leigh), The New Vestments (Lear), Pumberly Pott's Unpredictable Niece (Prelutsky), Don't Worry if Your Job Is Small, #9 Penwiper Mews (Gorey), Tender-heartedness (Graham), Jimmy Jet & His TV Set (Silverstein), A Young Lady of Lynn, Glerbett (Prelutsky).
Alphabet Stew: A Fly & a Flea in a Flue, The Cow (Prelutsky), The Tutor (Wells), Weather, 2 Witches (Resnikoff), Antonio (Richards), Habits of the Hippopotamus (Guiterman), The Bluffalo (Yolen), Moses, The Puffin (Wood), Eletelephony (Richards), Mr. Bidery's Spidery Garden (McCord), The Ptarmigan, Banananananananana (Cole), Clickbeetle (Hoberman), Sing Me a Song of Teapots & Trumpets (Bodecker), The Modern Hiawatha (Strong), Misnomer (Merriam), To Be or Not To Be, Don't Ever Seize a Weasel By the Tail (Prelutsky), Have You Ever Seen, Waiters (Hoberman), An Atrocious Pun, Wild Flowers (Newell), J's the Jumping Jay-Walker (McGinley), Poetry (Farjeon), Lumps (Thurman), A Word (Dickinson), The Yak (Prelutsky), Feelings About Words (O'Neill).
Where Goblins Dwell: Some One (de la Mare), Ghosts (Behn), Something Is There (Moore), The Horseman (de la Mare), hist whist (cummings), What's That (Heide), Green Candles (Wolfe), The Witch The Witch (Farjeon), Song of the Witches (Shakespeare), Owl (Read), Wanted-A Witch's Cat (McGee), 8 Witches (Lee), Witches' Menu (Nikolay), Queen Nefertiti, Colonel Fazackerley (Causley), Song of the Ogres (Auden), 3 Ghostesses, The Darkling Elves (Prelutsky), The Elf & the Dormouse (Herford), The Bogeyman (Prelutsky), The Troll (Prelutsky), The Wendigo (Nash), Father & Mother (Kennedy), The Fairies (Allingham), The Great Auk's Ghost (Hodgson), The Pumpkin (Graves), The 7 Ages of Elf-hood (Field), Unicorn (Smith), How to Tell Goblins from Elves (Shannon), The Little Man (Mearns), Gumble (Dugan), Slithergadee (Silverstein), The Bogus-Boo (Reeves), Wrimples (Prelutsky), Ms. Whatchamacallit Thingamajig (chaikin), The Spangled Pandemonium (Brown), The Creature in the Classroom (Prelutsky), Dinky (Roethke), The Plumpuppets (Morley), Could It Have Been a Shadow (Shannon).
The Land of Potpourri: Happy Thought (Stevenson), Our Washing Machine (Hubbell), Introduction to Songs of Innocence (Blake), No Holes Marred (Douglass), Steam Shovel (Malam), The Toaster (Smith), The Tin Frog (Hoban), Driving to the Beach (Cole), My Nose (Aldis), From-The Bed Book (Plath), Arithmetic (Sandburg), What Is Pink (Rossetti), What Is Orange (O'Neill), To Be Answered in Our Next Issue, The Base Stealer (Francis), What Is Red (O'Neill), Who's In (Fleming), The Library (Huff), The Knockout (Morrison), Foul Shot (Hoey), Yellow (McCord), A Football Game (Van Eck), Maps (Thompson), If Once You Have Slept on an Island (Field), Train Song (Siebert), Travel (Millay), Flight Plan (Merchant), To an Aviator (Hicky), Message from a Mouse Ascending in a Rocket (Hubbell), From a Railway Carriage (Stevenson), The Toad (Oliver), This Little Pig Built a Spaceship (Winsor), Dreams (Hughes), Far Trek (Brady), How Strange It Is (Lewis), The Paint Box (Rieu), Keep a Poem in Your Pocket (de Regniers), To Dark Eyes Dreaming (Snyder).

Age 3-5 6-8 9-12
Author Prelutsky, Jack
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