Contrast and Continuum, Vol. 2
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Contrast and Continuum, Vol. 2

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"Contrast and Continuum Vol. II: Music for Creative Dance"compiled by Eric Chappelle is a CD with recordings of dance accompaniment music featuring contrasts in tempo, texture, and other musical terms which correspond to the elements of dance. This CD includes ideas for creative dance (by Anne Greene Gilbert) that coordinate with her book, Creative Dance for All Ages (item 805110, available separately). For all ages.

Whales: alternating sections of music with no beat and in 3/4 time
Bee Beat: continuous up-tempo music in 4/4 time
Checkerboard: theme and variations with pauses, contrasting tempos, and dynamics
Weavers: continuous music in 4/4 time
Pizzah!: 8 count repeated phrases with a 4 count pause between phrases
Pharaoh's Waltz: continuous music in 3/4 time
Pathway Puzzle: 3 contrasting melodies, each ending with a falling effect
Skippy Ska: swinging 4/4 piece in the Jamaican ska style
Ski Reel: the theme is Ross' Reel #4, a New England contra dance tune
Pastorale: quiet, meditative vocal piece
Caribbean Leaps: continuous up-tempo in 4/4
Little Bolero: short bolero
Travel Notes - a suite: American Fiddler, Andean Altitude, Saharan Campsite, Indian Incense, Balinese Mask, Koto Moment, Celtic Knot (world variations on a theme)
Circular Journey: narrative musical form suggesting moving from different emotions
Potpourri 2: musical fragments from the previous pieces, with pauses between the sections


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AuthorChappelle, Eric
PublisherRavenna Ventures
SeriesMusic for Creative Dance


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