Contrast and Continuum, Vol. 3
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Contrast and Continuum, Vol. 3

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"Contrast and Continuum Vol. 3: Music for Creative Dance"compiled by Eric Chappelle is a CD with recordings of dance accompaniment music featuring contrasts in tempo, texture, and other musical terms which correspond to the elements of dance. This CD includes ideas for creative dance (by Anne Greene Gilbert) that coordinate with her book, Creative Dance for All Ages (item 805110, available separately). For all ages.

Dakota Dawn: Native American 4/4 which builds through 5 repetitions of the chorus, 6th is like the first
Rock 'n Stop: rock-style theme with variations of differing lengths separated by pauses
Dancing Digits: quick 4/4 using African-type percussion in phrases of 8
The Bayou Both-step: Cajun style, alternation between a 2-step and waltz feel
Raggedy March: in 4/4 with asymmetrical phrases
Fiesta!: 4/4 up-tempo Mexican style
Breathe: non-meter non-pulse environmental soundscape
Tambourine: moderate tempo 4/4, 12 measure phrases alternating with 8 measure sustained sections
Tempo Tantrum: theme with variations of differing lengths and tempos
Morning Fours: moderate tempo 4/4 with continuously evolving violin line
I Say You Say: 4/4 alternating a sitar sound phrase with a bell & drum sound phrase
Fiddle Fantasy: steady pulse but with shifting feel between a quick 4/4 and slow 4/4
Fairytale: episodic adventure with musical signals between sections, ABCDCBA form
Variations in Three: slow 3 or moderate 6
Mr. E: smooth 4/4 phrases, moderately fast alternating with stop-time phrases
Celtic Suite: Skip the Jig (6/8), Planxty Irwin (3/4 waltz), Spootiskerry (2/4 reel)
Potpourri 3: musical fragments from the previous pieces with pauses between sections - 10 sections


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AuthorChappelle, Eric
PublisherRavenna Ventures
SeriesMusic for Creative Dance

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