Classroom Building Blocks 2024

classroom building blocksclassroom building blocks

Craftsmen use tools to build and create, but what fundamentals can you use to help your students build skills and a lifelong relationship with music in your classroom? The West Music Education Consultants are here to help with instruments, curriculum, and accessories for any grade level and budget. See Sam's ukulele suggestions, Jessica's ideas for recorder success, Judy's picks for your Orff instrument program, and Tereasa's must-haves in drums and percussion. 

Make the most of your remaining funds with smart music classroom buys like ukuleles, recorders, percussion, and more.

Well whaddaya know. Looks like you have some leftover dollars in your music classroom budget! But with just weeks to go before school ends, what’s the best way to spend your money? It’s time to replenish your shelves, replace broken items, or simply plan ahead for next year. We asked our music education sales consultants for their favorite end-of-year picks. These are their top 5 ways to spend what’s left:

  1. UkulelesThinking about starting a ukulele program? Invest in a uke, case, and accessories and you can spend the summer learning.
  2. RecordersKeep extras on hand for unexpected mishaps and last-minute recorder emergencies. Trust us — they do happen.
  3. Drums and PercussionDented drumheads? Broken bells? It’s time to replace your ragged instruments. 
  4. Orff InstrumentsRunaway mallets? Missing bars? Say no more. 
  5. Puppets and StorybooksThey go together like peanut butter and jelly. Work them into your lessons and watch the magic happen.

Need more ideas? Email our experienced music education sales consultants. They’ll listen to your needs and give you a variety of inspired ideas.

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