Decades of Dance A Vocabulary of Music Steps and Styles
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Decades of Dance A Vocabulary of Music Steps and Styles

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Decades of Dance A Vocabulary of Steps and Styles of Music By John Jacobson DVD This easy-to-follow DVD features step-by-step visual instructions for over 75 different dances in a number of styles that became popular from the 20s, 30s, 40s - all the way to the present day. An informational booklet is included with a complete list of steps and historic background on the different dance styles presented. You can choose to view a full dance routine (danced by Jacobson and a female partner) or view the steps individually. Each dance move used in the routine is slowly demonstrated and named for easy reference. The submenus on the DVD allow you to go directly to the move you need.From the Waltz, Samba or Tango to the Jitterbug, Grapevine or Soft Shoe, this vocabulary of dance will serve as an excellent starting point for creating your own combinations of dance and for all kinds of staging endeavors. Dances: Roaring Twenties - Charleston; 1970-80 - Disco; Beach Music 1950-60 - Early Rock; 1990-2000 - Hip Hop, 1920s to Present - Latin; March; Soft Shoe; 1930-40s - Swing.


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AuthorJacobson, John
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PublisherHal Leonard


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