West Music brings to you a generous selection of professional grade keyboards and digital pianos, from the popular Yamaha P105 to the extremely light and portable mini Casio SA-76. These instruments not only work as a compact, electric alternative to a traditional piano, but also contain recording capabilities, track sequencers, preset tones, rhythms, channels and mixers. Take your affordable keyboard to the stage, the studio or the classroom and play comfortably and with versatility anywhere!

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Yamaha P125B 88-Key Digital Piano, Black
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$999.00 $649.99
$1,299.00 $799.99
Casio SA-76 Mini Keyboard
Item No. 100735 In Stock
Casio None
$69.99 $54.99
Yamaha PSREW300 76-Key Keyboard
Item No. 101051 In Stock
Yamaha Weighted
$519.00 $269.99
$1,227.00 $824.97
$94.98 $74.98
Casio CDP-S150 88-Key Digital Piano, Black
Item No. 101174 In Stock
$779.99 $479.99
Yamaha P125 Digital Piano Bundle
Item No. 101101 In Stock
$1,312.99 $874.99
$1,473.99 $924.99

    To outfit your students with nuanced, quality digital instruments that will spur creativity and musical ambition, turn to home keyboards from Yamaha, Casio and more. Beginners will appreciate the easily portable and compact mini models, while larger arrange keyboards will provide enthusiasts with an impressive range of effects and rhythm tracks to help fine-tune masterpieces. Tech-savvy students and players will love practical features like audio inputs for an MP3 player; knobs that empower bending and tone manipulation; and even the ability to plug in headphones. West Music provides home keyboards in a variety of sizes like 44, 61 and 76-notes, ensuring that we carry the best instruments for beginning and advancing students' specific needs.