Keyboard pedals are the perfect tool to help students evoke new sounds from their instrument as they grow and expand their repertoire. At West Music, we've carefully curated a wide selection of keyboard footswitches and more to bring your students to the top of their game. For instance, our keyboard sustain pedals add drawn out, dramatic nuances to your students' tone. Similarly, our combination packages are the perfect addition to any keyboard or electric piano – the set includes a damper, soft and sostenuto pedal. Shop with West Music for any of these keyboard foot pedals from Hosa, On-Stage and Yamaha, and watch as your students refine their sound!

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Yamaha FC4A Sustain Pedal
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Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal Square
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Hosa FSC-502 Footswitch, Momentary Normally Open
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Hosa FSC-503 Footswitch, Momentary Normally Closed
Item No. 350571 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
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