MIDI & USB Controllers

In an age of electronic production, midi keyboards are a vital piece of gear for musicians, whether they are amateurs who record tracks in their bedroom, students in a classroom, or professionals working in a multi-million dollar studio. At West Music, we have a range of midi keyboards, including 32-key keyboards with USB connectivity that will comfortably fit onto a desk or 61-key keyboards with enough power for studio use. We stock a variety of brands, such as Korg, M-Audio, and Samson, and our midi keyboards come with many options such as pitch bend and modulation for extra versatility.

MIDI keyboards allow outside sources, such as a personal computer, to read and interpret signal files, including volume, pitch, and notation for recorded music. When the musician presses a key on their MIDI keyboard, it sends a message containing electronic information about the music to the source. Once the MIDI signal loads into the source, the musician can edit at free will as required by the piece. Explore creativity and recording options with midi keyboards from West Music!