To provide your Qchord with accessories to store tunes and safely carry it around, look no further because West Music has what you need to enhance your QChord songwriting experience. With our selection of QChord cartridges, jamming along with a large variety of rhythm styles - Jazz, Polka, Rap, Salsa, Bluegrass and more - and classic songs has never been easier. Browse our online supplies today.

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Bear Paw Creek Q-Chord Gig Bag
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    Our selection of QChord accessories like cartridges and cases lets you easily upgrade and protect these unique instruments. Whether you’re looking for a soft gig bag for quick transportation, an AC adaptor chord, or a hard case for extra secure storage, West Music has the pieces you need. We even offer a fantastic assortment of QChord cartridges to keep students motivated and engaged as they progress their skills, including songs for country, religious music, party favorites, and even tunes from members of The Beatles.