You can pick up a Qchord and start playing successfully without any previous musical knowledge! These unique handheld instruments are readily equipped with all the musical mastery you'll need along your way. Choose from a variety of rhythm styles and 80+ chord combinations available at the push of a button. Perfect for those with developmental disabilities and music therapy classrooms, Qchords are just as interactive as any other instrument. Qchord accessories, such as song cartridges containing fully orchestrated accompaniments and popular songs are available separately.

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    For students who have trouble understanding music theory or playing other instruments, the QChord is a fantastic option that lets them enjoy the fun of creating songs without the struggle or previous knowledge requirement! Quick to learn, easy to use, and enjoyable to play, these unusual instruments are sure to become a fast favorite among students of all ages and abilities. Perfect for music therapy sessions, classrooms, or personal use, QChords come equipped with everything students need. With over 80 chord combinations, built-in rhythms, a pitch bend, strumplate, and a professional-quality sound system incorporated into its design, these instruments let players create a range of music.

    West Music strives to provide customers with the best quality products at affordable prices, so we offer both individual Suzuki QChords, as well as package deals that include a carrying case and adaptor to bring you the best value for the money.

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