Dominant 142 Cello A String, 4/4
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Dominant 142 Cello A String, 4/4

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Based in Vienna, Thomastik-Infeld has been developing and producing high-performance strings since 1919. That's over 100 years of experience, research, and innovation; over 100 years of constant listening. Their philosophy is to fulfill a need and provide an incentive: developing the most cutting-edge, reliable, and tonally rich products. Thanks to progressive design in engineering, technical expertise, and nimble-fingered dexterity, Thomastik-Infeld produces the sound that wins over and inspires listeners on stages and streets worldwide.

Dominant 142 Cello A String

Thomastik-Infeld's Dominant strings are widely recognized as "the reference standard" and are legendary for distinctive tone and playability. The Dominant string's resounding success owes a lot to its similarity in tone and response to gut strings, without gut's drawbacks. The sound of the Dominant string is full and mellow yet rich in overtones. Its radiance and ability to project sound without being metallic come to the fore both in arco and pizzicato. Other advantages are Dominant's effortless response to intricate fingering and its tuning stability even under extreme atmospheric conditions. Dominant strings should be changed at appropriate intervals to ensure continuity of tone color.


Instrument: Cello
Pitch: A
Size: 4/4
Tension: Medium
Manufacturers Model: 142
Core Material: Synthetic Core
Outer Material: Chrome-Wound


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Model Number142


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