Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC 1.0 ® is designed to make it easy to quickly and confidently implement and sustain the Drums Alive ® program in classrooms, gyms, and recreation centers. This 1-day 6 hour training for educators and recreation leaders provides participants with an opportunity to experience and understand the what and how of the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC ® program-what it is, what it feels like, and how to teach the Drums Alive program to their students. After being introduced to the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC ® curriculum, participants actively engage in a sampling of lesson plans. They'll experience how fun and easy it is to teach the evidence-based Drums Alive program while addressing National Standards for Physical Education (NASPC). This training will also help participants navigate through the comprehensive Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC ® curriculum program.

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Tereasa Evans, Music Education Consultant

Contact Tereasa at 1-800-397-9378 or tevans@westmusic.com

Tereasa Evans is the Music Education Consultant for Classroom Percussion and Wellness for West Music. She has her Bachelor of Music Education and her Master of Music in Percussion Performance as well as her Level I, II, and III Orff-Schulwerk trainings. She spent 10 years in the elementary music classroom teaching music and assisting in other subject areas including PE, reading, and math. As a former Zumba instructor and general music educator. Tereasa also recognizes the importance of movement in all facets of learning. She is available to talk about instruments that complement the Drums Alive curriculums, assist you with placing orders, or to answer any additional questions you may have. In conjunction with the Drums Alive! team, Tereasa and West Music are here to support you and guide participants to "Play Now, Play for Life."