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Like an exclamation point at the end of a sentence, the strike of a gong or tight crash of a cymbal can put the perfect emphasis on the end of a verse. Simply, no marching line or classroom drum set is complete without these vibrant instruments. Whether you're looking for a show stopping wind gong from Dream or a replacement ride cymbal from Zildjian, West Music has the professional grade piece for you or your students. Peruse our diverse array of instruments from top brands like Zildjian, Sabian, Percussion Source and more!

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Basic Beat BB732 Cast Finger Cymbals
Item No. 200607 In Stock
Basic Beat
$32.95 $20.99
Westco CY7203-06P 6" Brass Cymbals with Handles
Item No. 205134 In Stock
Westco 3 Years+
$35.00 $21.99
Zildjian P0565 12" Traditional Gong And Stand Set
Item No. 200883 In Stock
$198.00 $164.95
Zildjian P0771 Finger Cymbals- Thick
Item No. 200624 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$38.00 $31.95
Dream FENG22 22" Feng (Wind) Gong
Item No. 204307 In Stock
$409.99 $249.99
Sabian 50101 Light Finger Cymbals
Item No. 201867 In Stock
$51.00 $30.99
Dream FENG16 16" Feng (Wind) Gong
Item No. 204306 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$209.99 $129.99
Sabian SBR SBR5003 Cymbal Performance Pack
Item No. 216823 In Stock
$483.00 $289.99
Sabian 50102 Heavy Finger Cymbals
Item No. 202359 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$51.00 $30.99

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    Though cymbals and gongs are similar visually, they share few musical qualities. A gong is large and stands on its own, often used for a dramatic and definitive sound. The cymbal is multifunctional, used often as part of a larger drum kit, and fits well in a variety of play styles.

    No drum kit is complete without the striking sound of a cymbal. Crash, ride, and hi-hat cymbals blend seamlessly into the drum kit, while hand-held cymbals with strong straps are best for concert and marching bands. School bands and professional orchestras love the significant sound of a handheld cymbal during the big football game or symphony performance.

    Aesthetically pleasing and hard to miss due to its sheet size, the gong strongly echoes throughout a classroom setting or concert hall. Chau gongs, also known as tam-tams, are the most common style used in orchestras. Other styles like Feng gongs (wind gongs) offer gentle and roaring sound capabilities. New and experienced percussionists enjoy playing the gong due to the ease of use, making it a perfect instrument for the music class.