West Music covers your entire drum and hand cymbal needs with our perfectly curated collection. With cymbal instruments from the leading brands like Zildjian, Rhythm Tech and Sabian, we proudly provide different diameters, types, and weights to help you achieve the specific effect you've been longing for. Complete your drum set with the perfect ride, splash or crash cymbal; and keep the beat going with our exceptional china and hi-hat cymbals. Perfect for both beginners and advanced players, this collection is sure to fulfill your home, classroom, stage and marching needs. Browse through today to check out all of West Music's hand and drum cymbals!

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Basic Beat BB732 Cast Finger Cymbals
Item No. 200607 In Stock
Basic Beat
$32.95 $20.99
Westco CY7203-06P 6" Brass Cymbals with Handles
Item No. 205134 In Stock
Westco 3 Years+
$35.00 $21.99
Zildjian P0771 Finger Cymbals- Thick
Item No. 200624 In Stock
$38.00 $31.95
Sabian 50101 Light Finger Cymbals
Item No. 201867 In Stock
$51.00 $30.99
Sabian SBR SBR5003 Cymbal Performance Pack
Item No. 216823 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$449.00 $269.99
Sabian 50102 Heavy Finger Cymbals
Item No. 202359 In Stock
$51.00 $30.99
$138.99 $69.50
$69.99 $34.99
Sabian AAX 21822XC 18" Marching Band Hand Cymbals
Item No. 217860 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$1,104.00 $659.99

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