It's no secret that drum heads get worn out. Some drummers keep rhythm harder than others, but no matter what, the surfaces take a brash beating every single time they’re played. If you have never switched the drum heads in your classroom, maybe it's time – you;ll immediately notice the crisp improvement in sound quality and playability. From replacement drum heads to world, snare drums and more, West Music has curated an extensive collection featuring such trusted brands as Ludwig, Pearl, Remo and Evans.

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Remo Rhythm Lid RL-2013-71-SD099 Dark Drum Head
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$62.70 $42.45
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Stern Calfskin 14" Steel Hoop Drum Head
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    Drum heads wear out, an inevitable fate given the beating they take. The role of a drummer is energetic and physically demanding, some music styles more so than others. When a drum head wears out, tone and power can suffer. That's why it is important to keep drums equipped with the best well-built, durable heads that ensure a reliable sound with each performance.

    For most of the drum's history, the head originated from animal hide. In the 1950's, however, Chick Evans developed a polyester drum head and since then, plastic, a more budget-friendly option and able to withstand long and hard play. The new plastic also allowed for finer tuning capabilities that can transform a thud into a snap.

    When shopping for a drum head, it is important to pay attention to thickness and material options. Considered the gold standard for most drums, two-ply heads provide strength, power, and versatility for any musical genre. Some heads, particularly for more exotic drums, are available in synthetic and genuine hide for preserving an authentic sound. Shop the variety of drum heads on West Music today for your next perfect set!