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Our comprehensive collection of bass, kick and snare drum heads is sure to breathe new life into your drum set. West Music stocks an extensive line of options from some of the top percussion manufacturers in the world, with Remo, Evans and Aquarian drum heads of all sizes. Since we know every musician has his or her own preference, so we’ve gone above and beyond to guarantee there is a product for everyone; choose from coated drum heads, single and double plies, clear heads for bass and plenty more. The hundreds of options at your fingertips allow you to tailor your sound, whether you’re searching for a warm and clear tone, or a deeper resonance. Place your order today to perform with drum set heads in tiptop condition.

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Remo Clear Diplomat BD-0308-00 8" Drum Head
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    Drum sets take a beating on a daily basis from players. With extended play on the snare, bass, and kick, comes inevitable wear and tear of these essential pieces. Drummers of all experience levels - from students to professionals – need to replace drum set heads eventually to maintain proper sound. Don't risk your sound due to a worn out drum head on your snare, bass, or kick! Blend in seamlessly with an ensemble by purchasing from top brands such as Evans, Remo, and Aquarian.

    Drum set heads available at West Music include replacements for snare, bass, and kick drums and come in a variety of thickness and material options. When shopping for drum set heads, pay attention to options that could affect the instrument's response and tone. Features like an underlay on the outer edge of the head dampen high frequency overtones, while texture coating can produce warm tones. Some drum heads even feature special coatings to mimic the look, feel, and sound of calfskin heads. Find the perfect drum head replacement set at West Music today!

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