Share the joy of creating music with your students, patients or family - explore our group drumming options today. West Music's affordably priced percussion packages and instrument sets will help participants to learn basic beats and utilize their creativity. More importantly, the drums can nurture fun and shared bonds between peers. Many of our kits are designed to aid in music therapy for both children and adults. So check out our group drumming possibilities to get the session started!

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Drums Alive Drum Set 65 cm
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Drums Alive
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Drums Alive Drumtastic 2.0 Trainer Kit
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    Increasingly utilized as a team building activity, group drumming provides a number of benefits for the players and their community. In addition to encouraging bonding, drumming in a group is a great amount of fun! Not only do music teachers and physical therapists alike love group drumming for developing creativity and rhythm, but also healthcare professionals are onboard with its therapeutic benefits. Students of all skill levels can enjoy the stress-busting qualities of playing percussion instruments.

    West Music stocks a number of options for drum circles, many of which specifically cater to its use in music therapy sessions. The percussion packs available from West Music range in theme – rhythm bundles, classroom packs, and therapy started packs, among others. Use group-drumming kits during fireside sing-alongs or for students in a classroom. Players of all ages will enjoy their playtime with these West Music drum circle packs and kits!

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