Remo HealthRHYTHMS DP-0300-00 Comfort Sound Drum Collection


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The Remo HealthRhythms DP-0300-00 Comfort Sound Drum Collection is one of our best selling drum packages!  The mixture of lightweight-nesting Versa Tubanos and timbaus is perfect for anyone that has limited storage space.  The combination of CST and TF15 "medium" drumheads balance out the dynamic levels of most ensembles.  The Bahia buffalo drum, Ocean Disc, shakers, Sound Shapes will round out your collection and get your players making beautiful rhythms!

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Remo's Health Rhythms Comfort Sound Drum Collection includes a variety of drums and percussion instruments designed for maximum portability and comfort during group and individual drumming experiences! This collection includes enough instruments to accommodate groups of up to 20 players. For easy storage, the drums will "nest" inside one another and save you space!
Each instrument is designed to be cleaned without causing damage to the sound or finish. Remo's Comfort Sound Technology means that these instruments have a beautiful tone, limited volume, as well as a controlled frequency range. The drums are also designed to allow for standing or sitting playing positions and can either be played with hands or mallets.
When you put the included Comfort Sound Technology drums heads on your Versa Timbau's you can use the included Versa Skyndeep heads as Frame Drums!
The Collection Includes:
16" Bahia Buffalo Drum with a wood handled mallet; E1-1316-BE
Versa Timbau; 3 Nested Set; 9", 11" &; 13" Head Diameters, with 15mm Heads; DP-VSTK-CC
2 sets of Versa Tubanos; Tall; Nested Set; 9", 11" &; 13" Head Diameters; (2 Sets - in photo 1 set is shown nested) DP-VSTU-CC-CST
1 set of Sound Shapes; Circle Pack; 6", 8.25", 10.5", 12.75", 15"; Wood handled mallets; SS-2000-05
2 sets of Vegetable Shakers; 6-Piece Bag, Large Apple; SC-APLG-06
Ocean Disc; Pre-tuned; 16" x 2.5"; Lullaby Graphic; ET-0216-FS
1 Drum Stand; 9" Diameter Base; 7" Height; DI-6295-00
Drumhead; with Comfort Sound Technology; 9"x2"; TF-0009-00-CST
Drumhead; with Comfort Sound Technology; 11" x 2"; TF-0011-00-CST
Drumhead; with Comfort Sound Technology; 13" x 2"; TF-0013-00-CST

Contains instruments needed for facilitating the Health RHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming program
Comfort Sound Technology provides beautiful tone, very limited volume, and controlled frequency range
Accommodates up to 20 participants
Due to manufacturing, components may vary.

Brand Name Remo
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  • Perfect for Our Students
    This was the perfect item to help get our percussion class started for our special needs students. They love it and we are all having a great time making music together.
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