Rhythm is one of the most important and fundamental concepts you can teach to young, budding musicians. That’s why West Music has curated an outstanding selection of rhythm collections for use in the classroom, music therapy space or at home. These delightful percussion instrument starter kits and teacher aids are available in many different types of packages, depending on classroom size and need. Our hand percussion and rhythm sets provide a diverse range of instruments, including frame drums, maracas, triangles and more! With the right hand drum kit, you’ll not only engage students and reinforce lessons, but also help them “learn by doing.” Drive home key musical concepts with any of West Music’s rhythm instrument collections today.

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Basic Beat BB25B 25 Player Rhythm Set
Item No. 201076 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Basic Beat
$364.79 $217.74
Remo Rhythm Lid Classroom Concept 2.0
Item No. 205416 In Stock
$868.12 $595.78
Westco 30 Player Classroom Kit
Item No. 204154 In Stock
$278.95 $195.20
Remo DP-0250-00 Travel Percussion Pack
Item No. 203603 In Stock
$499.40 $329.65
Remo DP-FSRK-00 First Sounds Rhythm, Breath, Lullaby Kit: Gato Box, Ocean Disc & Backpack
Item No. 204827 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$448.90 $246.90
Westco 15 Player Classroom Kit
Item No. 204152 In Stock
$148.95 $104.20
Hohner Kids MTS-25 Rhythm Instrument Package
Item No. 201210 In Stock
Hohner Kids 3 Years+
$190.00 $159.99
Basic Beat BBMT01 Music Therapy Starter Pack, Adult
Item No. 204341 In Stock
Basic Beat
$639.61 $310.45
Jamtown J150W Percussion Adventure Pak
Item No. 201079 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$341.00 $255.75

    Give students a wider range of instruments to learn and play with the rhythm collections from West Music. One of the most important and basic concepts musicians can learn, rhythm forms the foundation for an array of other musical pursuits. With the assortment of percussion and rhythm instruments offered at West Music, educators can easily find the right collection to fit their needs whether they’re teaching a large class, small music-therapy sessions, or homeschooling their own children. Discover starter packs filled with tambourines, frame drums, and shakers, as well as kits consisting of exotic instruments from all over the world including the West African shekere, rainsticks, rattles, and Ghanan firikyiwa. Many of these collections also come with teacher aids and instructional videos to further help students comprehend and engage with the music.

    Available from such top-name brands including Basic Beat, Hohner Kids, and Remo, the rhythm collections from West Music offer amazing value no matter your budget.

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