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These mounted and handheld percussion instruments have far more applications than we could even imagine. Whether you’re using a Remo tambourine to teach the fundamentals of rhythm, or want to have professional grade chimes to add sound effects for your stage performance, West Music has just what you need – and everything in between! Browse our offering of slide whistles, finger cymbals, egg shakers, sleigh bells and more.

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Joia Tube Orff JT/ORFFALTO Alto Diatonic Tube Set
Item No. 204061 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Joia Tubes 5 Years+
$349.00 $279.20
Joia Tube Orff JT/ORFFBASS Bass Diatonic Tube Set
Item No. 204062 In Stock
Joia Tubes 5 Years+
$399.00 $319.20

    A solid rhythm section is an important part of any piece of music or band. Think of the maracas in Jumping Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones, or the tambourine in You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’, by The Righteous Brothers as examples. Because percussion is so integral to the sound of a piece, it is vital that you choose the right option.

    As a teacher, you may want tambourines or shakers to help your students develop their sensitivity to rhythm in a fun, communal way, or you may wish to add shakers or sleigh bells to a recorded piece. Likewise, you may want handheld triangles for your school band’s performances. At West Music, we have a variety of percussion instruments, including tambourines, shakers, triangles, or even musical washboards. We stock reputable brands such as Remo, Sonor, Basic Beat, and Per Del.

    Find the perfect hand drum at West Music! Shop hand drums and small drum sets today!