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In addition to producing beautiful, enchanting sounds, chimes are tuned percussion instruments that even beginners with no musical training can pick up and play within a few minutes. Their ease of use makes percussion chimes an excellent way to introduce young kids to musical sounds and the joy of playing an instrument. This music category includes classic designs like tree and wind models. However, we regularly expand offers to include bell trees, handhelds, and tubular bells. You can find a style of chime that’s perfect for any setting. For example, our handheld items are ideal for group play activities, while single-row bar types shine during an individual performance.

Often referred to as a carillon-like instrument, chimes actually differ from carillons in that they usually have fewer than 23 bells and, therefore, a  more limited range of notes. Originally used in China, marble L-shaped slabs suspended from wooden frames produced sound with chime mallets.  Put together angelic ensembles with a chime set or enjoy this percussion instrument on its own. Shop for these instruments and more at West  Music today!