West Music's collection of finger cymbals is perfect for all your classroom and ensemble needs. Your young musicians will learn to follow along with songs and get a kick out of using the unique zills on their thumbs. These shiny and fun finger cymbals are available in a range of styles and prices for your convenience. What's more, the zills have clear pitching tones, as well as long sustain, ensuring the sound won't be lost among the rest of the percussion. West Music's array of Basic Beat, Sabian and Zildjian finger cymbals will add worldly flair to your classroom and songs, so place bells on students' thumbs today.

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Zildjian P0771 Finger Cymbals- Thick
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$49.50 $29.99
Sabian 50102 Heavy Finger Cymbals
Item No. 202359 In Stock
$41.00 $24.99
Tingsha DC1 Tibetan Finger Cymbals
Item No. 200617 In Stock
$65.00 $35.75

    With a unique design and fun playability, finger cymbals work well with musicians of any age. Like drums, bells, and shakers, these finger cymbals, zills, and bells accompany other instruments, while expressing their own distinct sounds. They offer the additional benefit of helping to develop finger and thumb motor skills. Young children get a kick out of generating cheery "tings" with these instruments while older students can learn to produce a variety of ringing tones and clacking sounds.

    Modern finger cymbals are light and typically made of brass, often boasting a shiny appearance. Matte or engraved finishes are also common. Most have a finger strap on each cymbal, and matching cymbals ensure a consistent sound. Zills offer a high-pitched tone with a long sustain, ensuring their sound lasts in recorded music and orchestras alike. The bell, a hand percussion instrument, is prominent through the holiday season due to its jolly sound. Finger cymbals, zills, and bells all offer their own special effect in any musical piece. These handheld percussion instruments and more are available at West Music!

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