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slit drum

Find the perfect wooden drum, log drum, or wood tongue drum at West Music!

These unique wooden tongue, log and slit drums have been used in places as diverse as Africa and Asia, and now you can introduce them into your own home or classroom. Designed to be played with fingers or rubber mallets, these easy-to-use percussion instruments simultaneously better hand-eye coordination and teach students the foundational elements of rhythm. As for sound, the tongue drum's distinctive exterior cutouts allow for a warm, rich tone, no matter the player's skill level. The log and slit instruments are made of reliable woods, including oak and American timber, making them sound investments for your classroom or musical therapy setting. West Music offers individual tongue drums, or multi-piece sets that are perfect for use with an ensemble, so place your order now to be inspired by one of the world's oldest instruments.

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African Rhythms KIT4 Log Drums w/ Mallets, Set of 4
Item No. 200708 In Stock
African Rhythms
$1,110.00 $791.95
African Rhythms D7 4-Note Midbass Log Drum
Item No. 200706 In Stock
African Rhythms
$248.00 $176.95
Hardwood Music 945 Snail Log Drum
Item No. 200711 In Stock
Hardwood Music
$170.00 $120.95
West Music LD7902 Log Drum
Item No. 206137 In Stock
West Music
$50.00 $29.95
African Rhythms T2 4-Note Treble II Log Drum
Item No. 200709 In Stock
African Rhythms
$224.00 $159.95
African Rhythms CB 4-Note Contrabass Log Drum
Item No. 200705 In Stock
African Rhythms
$456.00 $324.95
Timber T-18M Medium American Hardwood Timber Drum
Item No. 204759 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$166.00 $105.99
Hohner Kids HO825 Wood Tone Drum w/Mallet
Item No. 204197 In Stock
Hohner Kids 2 Years+ Yellow
$30.00 $25.99
African Rhythms G 4-Note Piccolo Log Drum
Item No. 200707 In Stock
African Rhythms
$178.00 $126.95

    At first glance, log and slit drums look just like another piece of wood. Thick and rectangular, the player will find that the wooden drum produces hearty, deep sounding tones. Ideal for classrooms with drum circles or for a musician experimenting with a new instrument, the tongue, log, and slit drums use light wooden mallets with a bouncy rubber tip. There’s even an option to play with an open palm to produce a variety of different tempos.

    Full of rich history in the percussion world, companies like African Rhythms, Hardwood Music, Hohner Kids, and Timber contribute to the modernization of these beloved drums. There is no wrong way to play this instrument; in fact, it’s ideal for exploring a musician’s creative process. Each resonant sound is distinct and enjoyable. Purchase individually or in sets at West Music for the perfect fit in any new or experienced musician’s life!