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You need the LP Twist Shakers!  The red pair is the brightest (loudest) of the trio #204329, blue is medium #204330, and yellow is the softest #204331.  The design of the tubes provides a perfect weight and balance.  Playing technique is a breeze for any percussionist from beginning to advanced.  The shakers twist apart allowing the sounds to be mixed and matched.  High quality of design meets high quality sound!

~Tereasa Evans, Music Education Consultant for Classroom Percussion and Wellness

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The LP Twist Shakers are a set of twin dumbbell-shaped shakers that are connected with a unique rotating lock mechanism that allows them to be played together in one hand or individually in each hand.LP Twist Shakers come in three different volume levels: Soft (Yellow) which is ideal for studio and acoustic performances; Medium (Blue) which is versatile for use in nearly any musical situation and Loud (Red) which is perfect for live performances when you need to be heard. Because the Shakers can be twisted; apart, musicians can experiment with different volume combinations to achieve exactly the sound they are looking for.
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