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Tambourines are a fun and easy way to engage students in music class. Playing as an instrumental ensemble, or even just a sing-along, tambos for kids add a great sound to the group. West Music's extensive collection of Remo, Latin Percussion and Rhythm Tech tambourines are ideal for beginner and advanced players, as our collection spans across many styles and budgets. For young children, check out the lightweight, durable Latin Percussion toys which are perfect for smaller hands. These kids' plastic instruments also produce a light sound, so you can use several at once. We also offer Remo tambourines with and without heads in several sizes for your convenience. Click through to purchase a toy or professional tambourine!

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Remo Rhythm Club RH-2106-00 Tambourine
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Remo 5 Years+
$27.95 $15.00

    A tambourine is a simple and portable instrument in the musician’s toolbox. As a result, they are ideal for developing musical skill in those of all ages, whether by following rhythm to a pop song or playing as part of a group or band. In addition, they are practically useful for the recording musician or to keep time on stage during school concerts. Music educators can provide a history lesson along with play time for their students. They historically accompany instruments in all types of popular music from Motown funk to a classical orchestra.

    Available in store and online, instructors and parents will discover tambourines developed specifically for children with easy to grip sides and appropriate sizes. Our traditional models come manufactured by brands such as Remo and West Music’s own. Your students will be developing their musical aptitude and skills in rhythm in no time when they are shakin’ their tambo!

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