Keyboard percussion instruments play a unique, but essential role in the classroom. West Music's high quality xylophones, glockenspiels, vibraphones and marimbas can take any music education classroom to the next level as your students are able to seamlessly harmonize while improvising. These instruments are on wheels for easy transport as well, so you can use them wherever the music takes you! Browse our selection for the right keyboard percussion instrument for your home or classroom.

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$125.00 $65.00
Bergerault Performance KGPP30C 3.0 Oct Pedal Glockenspiel
Item No. 218359 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$7,000.00 $3,769.95
Bergerault Performance KXPR35GF 3.5 Oct Rosewood Xylophone w/Field Frame
Item No. 218353 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$6,100.00 $3,599.95
Bergerault Performance KVPS30NBF 3.0 Oct Black Vibraphone Field Frame no Motor
Item No. 218352 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$7,700.00 $4,549.95
Bergerault Signature C25 2.0 Oct. Chrome Chimes
Item No. 218349 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$22,000.00 $12,979.95
Bergerault Performance KMPP43C 4.3 Oct Padauk Marimba
Item No. 217189 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$5,700.00 $3,069.95

    The keyboard percussion family is vast in its selection – with instruments such as xylophones, glockenspiels, vibraphones, and marimba. In addition to being useful for musical effect in classical, pop, and even jazz music, keyboard percussion is a feature in musical education programs for their ease of play and resonant sound quality.

    A keyboard percussion instrument is the perfect tool to foster general musicality in students, whether it's with harmony, melody, or learning to read sheet music. Classrooms use it to develop rhythm and an ear for pitch while involving multiple students. In addition, they are fun and engaging for students of all ages. Most keyboard percussion is also portable, making it perfect for the instructor moving from classroom to classroom. West Music also has options available for those searching for a more professional, high-end keyboard to feature in live performance or recording in the studio. At West Music, we stock a range of keyboard percussion to suit a variety of musical purposes.

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