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Bergerault Performance KGPP30C 3.0 Oct Pedal Glockenspiel
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$7,000.00 $3,769.95
Korogi UG320D 2.5 Octave Carbon Steel Glockenspiel w/ Damper
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$1,950.00 $995.10
Bergerault Performance GV 2.5 Oct Glockenspiel w/Case
Item No. 215508 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$2,000.00 $1,199.95

    From hip-hop to rock to jazz, the glockenspiel finds its place in any ensemble. It uses tuned metal plates or tubes to form keys and has a keyboard format similar to the piano. Similar to the xylophone, this instrument is typically smaller and higher in pitch. Students and musicians of all ages need only strike the bars with a firm unwrapped mallet to produce a pure, bell-like sound. Ranging from two and half to three octaves, bells and glockenspiels are sure to integrate well into your band, orchestra, or lessons.

    Available with adjustable steel frames with pedals, as well as portable options, glockenspiels appeal to an array of players. West Music is proud to carry these instruments from brands including Korogi, and at prices that work with your budget no matter if you’re at a public school or teach private lessons.

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