Shop Vibraphones at West Music!

Liven up the percussion section of your studio or music classroom with a beautiful vibraphone from West Music. Closely resembling the xylophone, marimba, and glockenspiel, the vibraphone most often comes with metal bars, resonators, an electrical motor and pulley system for the resonators, and a spinning butterfly at the top of the resonator to produce a tremolo effect. Easily adjustable heights in many models allow for a wide range of playing positions, making this instrument suitable for an assortment of players. It can be played with either two, three, or four mallets, depending on if you’re planning traditionally linear (like the horn) or multi-linear (like the piano) play.

West Music is proud to carry vibraphones from such brands as Majestic, and offer them at affordable prices. Most commonly used in Jazz, this instrument is also popular in classical music and features heavily in modern orchestras and concert bands, making it the perfect addition to any roster.