West Music's carefully selected collection of concert xylophones is of the highest quality and craftsmanship, perfect for your classroom and performance needs. Beautiful Korogi wooden xylophones are perfect for beginners, giving them a chance to learn on a superior sounding instrument with lovely tone quality, sustain, and projection, while also being able to suite more advanced players. Available in rosewood, karinwood, and padouk, these instruments range from 2.5 – 3.5 octaves. For especially advanced players, West Music offers the Musser Pro xylophones. This beautiful rosewood concert xylophone is professional-quality instrument, lovingly crafted with warm, seamless aluminum resonators, and topped with silver lacquer. It comes with a solid frame that is easily folded, making it extremely portable. Play with the highest excellence and buy xylophone instruments from West Music.

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Bergerault Performance KXPR35GF 3.5 Oct Rosewood Xylophone w/Field Frame
Item No. 218353 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$6,100.00 $3,599.95
Bergerault Performance KXPS35GF 3.5 Oct Synthetic Xylophone w/Field Frame
Item No. 215884 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$5,000.00 $2,799.95
Musser M50 3.5 Oct Professional Rosewood Xylophone
Item No. 211922 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$5,485.00 $2,949.95

    Incorporated into a concert or used just for practice in class, the xylophone makes an excellent addition to many musical performances. Engineered using wood bars tuned to a specific pitch of the musical scale, all musicians need to do is strike the slats with a mallet to produce the beautiful tones. The xylophones from West Music have quality constructions of gorgeous woods including Rosewood, Padouk, and Karinwood, stained in a variety of rich, natural colors. Available in ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 octaves, these instruments suit an array of needs.

    West Music is proud to carry xylophones from brands including Korogi and Musser, at prices that work with your budget. Whether you homeschool, teach a large class, or host private lessons, students will love playing these instruments.

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