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Whether you’re looking for cymbal stands, bass pedals, or pipe clamps, West Music provides a variety of drumset hardware for you to choose from. Find upgrades, replacement, and extension parts for all types of instruments including concert drums, cymbals, snare drums, castanets, bass drums, and claves. Perfect for stocking up on supplies like cymbal felts and mounts before the start of a new school year, replacing worn-down seats for the studio set, or upgrading your own personal drum kit for a new, richer sound, our collection of hardware has something for everyone and at prices that work with most budgets. Available from brand names including Chronos, Drum Workshop, Yamaha, Remo, Pearl, and Gibraltar, the drumset hardware carried by West Music are quality products at a great value.
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Mapex Rebel B200-RB Boom Cymbal Stand
Item No. 262147 In Stock
Mapex Boom Cymbal Stands
$69.00 $39.00
Mapex Rebel C200-RB Straight Cymbal Stand
Item No. 263096 In Stock
Mapex Straight Cymbal Stand
$59.00 $39.00
$584.00 $329.99
Chronos Pro Series CA25MKII Multi-Clamp Cymbal Boom
Item No. 264836 In Stock
Chronos Cymbal Mounts
$49.99 $33.99
Pearl BC830 Boom Cymbal Stand
Item No. 261870 In Stock
Pearl Boom Cymbal Stands
$189.00 $104.99
Pearl BC820 Boom Cymbal Stand
Item No. 263872 In Stock
Pearl Boom Cymbal Stands
$149.00 $79.99
Chronos Pro Series CA60MKII Round Throne Drumset Height
Item No. 264838 In Stock
Chronos Thrones
$149.99 $127.99
Gibraltar 6608 Motorcycle Style Drum Throne
Item No. 251902 In Stock
Gibraltar Thrones
Pearl C830 Straight Cymbal Stand
Item No. 261873 In Stock
Pearl Straight Cymbal Stand
$162.00 $88.99