Drummers, where would you be without the sturdy assistance of percussion stands? In addition, we know you sometimes just need to replace a tiny part on your set. That’s why West Music has created a top notch selection of drum parts, hardware, mounts and accessories to meet all your needs. In fact, you can count on our collection’s high quality tension rods, drum lugs, wing screws, cymbal mounts, tom stands and various snare drum parts. Whether you’re in a pinch for replacement pieces, or simply looking to build a back-up collection of drum kit parts, we’ve got you covered. Browse online with West Music to upgrade your percussion and drum accessories today.

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Gibraltar SC-GCA Grabber Cymbal Arm
Item No. 251792 In Stock
$70.99 $40.00
Gibraltar SC-RC Rack Caster
Item No. 258783 In Stock
$41.99 $24.00
Gibraltar SC-DC Hi-Hat Drop Clutch
Item No. 251784 In Stock
$33.99 $19.00
$18.99 $11.00
$7.99 $4.45
Gibraltar SC-4420 Pro Hi Hat Clutch
Item No. 251875 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$17.99 $10.00
Gibraltar SC13P2 8mm Wing Nut
Item No. 251844 In Stock
$7.99 $5.00
$17.99 $10.80
$7.99 $5.00

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    To get the most from your percussion instruments, make sure your stands have all the correct hardware and parts. Keeping your drums, cowbell, or cymbals secure is important, and if the stands you use to keep your instruments steady is missing an essential part, you risk damaging your investments. No matter what percussion instrument you own or maintain, West Music has a vast selection of hardware parts to support proper maintenance. Discover pieces including wing nuts, drum pedal springs, brackets, tension gauges, cymbal arms, mallet and stick holders, and sleeves, to ensure your gear is in peak condition to last for years.

    Whether you teach a large class, private lessons, or music therapy, your percussion instruments and their stands need the proper hardware parts to perform at their best. West Music has a fantastic collection of pieces from brands you can trust, including Gibraltar, Remo, Yamaha, Chronos, and Pearl, at prices that work with your budget.