It's a simple fact that every drum teacher and student, whether beginner or seasoned veteran, should have a variety of drum sticks and mallets at their side. For many practiced performers, the right mallet is an extension of the arm, sitting comfortably and naturally in the hand. Beginners should start with the right equipment to develop the best technique quickly. With West Music's diverse collection of sticks and mallets, students will find the right fit in no time. We offer elite products in multiple sizes and materials. Check out drum sticks, mallets and beaters from top brands like Vic Firth, Basic Beat, Black Swamp and ProMark today.

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Remo HK-0140-70 Multipurpose Mallet
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USA Made 5B Wood Tip Drum Sticks
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    Let musicians make their own beats and create their own rhythm with sticks and mallets for percussion instruments. Whether your students play the marimba or xylophone and you want colorful mallets to liven up the classroom and make for easy organization, or you want light-up drumsticks for nighttime band practice and exciting performances, West Music has a wide assortment of products to fulfill your needs. Discover full kits made for elementary to advanced levels with multiple sets and carrying cases included, as well as individual stick sets to upgrade your current ones. We even offer replacement felt kits for mallets, so you don’t have to go out and purchase all new pieces just because one area has worn out.

    Available from names including Black Swamp, Vic Firth, Zildjian, Remo, and Basic Beat, there’s a brand, style, and price to suit all budgets.