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concert percussion
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Encore KG3 Articulate Ape Gong Mallet
Item No. 257078 In Stock
$61.00 $36.00
Encore KG2 Great Gorilla Gong Mallet
Item No. 257013 In Stock
$61.00 $36.00
Encore KG4 Monkey Roller Gong Mallet
Item No. 257079 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$61.00 $36.00
Encore SG5 King Gong Small Black Mallet
Item No. 262226 In Stock
$54.00 $31.90
Encore KG1 King Gong Mallet
Item No. 257077 In Stock
$73.00 $43.00

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    Whether practicing or performing, percussionists require a cache of concert sticks and mallets at their disposal. In addition to high quality pieces, they must have access to a variety of sticks including triangle beaters, timpani mallets, snare drum sticks, bass drum mallets, and even marimba mallets. These options are essential since diverse playing methods and genres often require different percussion instruments for varying sound quality.

    Drumsticks and percussion mallets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and materials depending on what instrument is in use and what timbre the musician desires. Drumsticks and rutes from brands like Vic Firth are ideal for snares and kit drumming in stage and in the practice space. There are wrapped mallets featuring soft materials and even yarn, specific for use with marimbas and vibraphones. Felt mallets pair with a timpani, and replacement felt kits repair worn out timpani mallets. While wood is the primary material of drumsticks, those made from carbon fiber offer a consistent feel and response without vibration feedback. Select the idea concert stick or mallet for your next performance at West Music!

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