West Music offers hundreds of different kinds of drum set sticks, brushes and mallets to ensure you'll find the perfect style for your needs. Find traditional wood or nylon tip drumsticks, loved for their durability, resilience, and responsiveness. Moreover, explore our innovative bamboo styles, which offer an eco-friendly alternative while maintaining the look and weight of classic hickory at affordable prices. For budding drummers young and old, they've also created perfect packages of drum set sticks, mallets and brushes for beginners, which include practice pads, and more. Take a browse through the collection today to find the perfect set for you!

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USA Made 5B Wood Tip Drum Sticks
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Vic Firth WB Jazz Brushes
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    Depending on his or her style of drumming and personal preference, drumsticks come in plenty of materials and designs. The stick itself is typically from wood (often hickory, maple, or oak) or a synthetic material like polyurethane or aluminum. Both are durable options for individual drums or drum sets. We recommend experimenting with various weights to find the perfect drumstick. Jazz and folk musicians prefer lighter sticks, making them ideal for agility and cymbal work. Heavier sticks withstand power hits for genres like rock and punk where breakage may be a concern. An added benefit for heavy sticks is building stamina and strength for their players.

    The tips, however, are arguably the most important consideration when shopping for sticks because different tip shapes and materials produce assorted tones. Drumsticks with nylon tips are popular because of their durability. They tend to produce a bright, distinct sound. Some players prefer drumsticks with wood tips, which yield a softer, warmer sound.