Vic Firth Signature SPE2 Peter Erskine Ride Stick

Vic Firth

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The SPE2 Ride Stick from Vic Firth was designed by Peter Erskine to produce a brilliant sound on the ride cymbal.  The tear drop tip gives clarity on both drums and cymbals while the select hickory and thicker profile give the stick strength and power.  A great choice for both small group jazz and big band applications as well as any situation where you want greater articulation from your ride cymbal.  -Alex

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Each Vic Firth Signature Series model was conceived though extensive discussion and research with the finest drummers from a variety of musical styles. The designs are a reflection of their musical requirements in terms of balance, feel, sound projection and cymbal color. All sticks are in hickory. All colored sticks feature a clear natural tip.Ride Stick (SPE2) Extra long taper and tear drop tip for enhanced cymbal response. Beefed-up shaft for extra power.

L = 16"D = .525/.575"
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