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Shop World Percussion Drumsticks & Mallets at West Music

The tools you use to play your percussion instruments will strongly impact the overall sound. In order to give you a range of options, West Music has curated a top-notch selection of rhythm and timbale drum sticks, mallets, and more for many types of world drum players. Best yet, most items, like our Brazilian sticks, have been designed for multi-use and cross-genre playability. These products range from high-quality hickory drum sticks that are ideal for sleek drum techniques, to thick rhythm sticks that are perfect for youngsters who are learning rhythmic fundamentals. Shop with West Music to order products from Vic Firth, Basic Beat, Remo, and more.

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Basic Beat BBS8 8" Combination Rhythm Sticks
Item No. 201358 In Stock
Basic Beat Natural
$6.95 $3.95
Basic Beat BBS12 12" Combination Rhythm Sticks
Item No. 201357 In Stock
Basic Beat Natural
$8.95 $4.95
Remo 16-0140-70 10" Multi-Purpose Mallet Black
Item No. 254789 In Stock
Remo 3 Years+
$11.60 $8.09
Remo HK-1210-00 16" Mallet
Item No. 254791 In Stock
$24.60 $16.95
Sound Choice RS7002-SC 8" Multi-Colored Rhythm Sticks
Item No. 204922 In Stock
Sound Choice Various
$5.95 $3.99
Remo HK-1224-10 10" Multi-Colored Mallet
Item No. 260522 In Stock
$8.70 $7.95
Remo HK-1208-00 12" Soft Mallet Black
Item No. 254790 In Stock
$21.90 $14.95
Remo NSL HK-1350-NS Mallets
Item No. 260064 In Stock
$32.00 $20.95
Remo TD-1015-70 Talking Drum Mallet
Item No. 254788 In Stock
$46.50 $28.95

    Whether you’re trying to create a bright and energetic sound or a rich and warm tone from your world drum, the variety of percussion sticks and mallets from West Music have you covered. From combination rhythm sticks to mallets for gongs and marimbas, we’ve collected a wide variety of products to ensure your classroom or studio is properly stocked, and your students have all the tools they need to create the desired sounds.

    Available in an assortment of sizes, styles, and colors, our world percussion sticks and mallets are easy for both young and old musicians of varying abilities to use. West Music carries products from such names like Vic Firth, Basic Beat, Remo, Innovative Percussion, and Tom’s Mallets, so you can rest assured that you receive a quality piece at a great value.