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Find the perfect pair of bongos right here at West Music

Explore the rhythmic sounds from around the world with West Music’s eclectic array of bongo drums. They’re essential instruments for any percussion kit or music classroom. Music teachers and therapists often use bongos to nurture creativity, dexterity and social interactions, while professional musicians call on these drums to infuse their beats with distinctive Afro-Cuban sounds.

Versatile, durable, and highly portable, these drums can be played with hands, mallets, or adaptive mallets and cuffs, making them ideal for music therapy patients, group drumming sessions, and children.

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Remo Kids Percussion KD-5400-01 Bongos
Item No. 200333 In Stock
Remo 3 Years+ Various
$89.00 $47.95
Westco Childs Drum
Item No. 204380 In Stock
Westco 3 Years+ Natural
$16.95 $13.95
Basic Beat BB271 6"-7" Key-Tuned Bongos
Item No. 204032 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Basic Beat Natural
$129.99 $64.99
Remo Rhythm Club RH-5600-00 Bongos
Item No. 200334 In Stock
Remo 5 Years+ Various
$72.70 $39.95
$1,078.00 $584.95
Remo BG-5300-70 Pre-Tuned Bongos, Black
Item No. 203887 In Stock
Remo Black
$95.20 $41.95
$1,078.00 $584.95
Basic Beat BB8B 8" Pre-Tuned Single Bongo
Item No. 200286 In Stock
Basic Beat 3 Years+ Natural
$74.99 $39.99
Meinl Headliner Series HB100NT Bongos, Natural
Item No. 201960 In Stock
Meinl Natural
$220.00 $129.99

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    Our collection features a full range of woods, stains, designs, and sizes from popular brands like Pearl, Remo, Meinl, Toca, NINO Percussion, and more for beginners as well as intermediate and professional players. Helpful accessories like straps, stands and tuning keys make creating hypnotic rhythms nearly effortless. For even more choices, check out our bongos for children, in addition to our larger collection of bongos at Percussion Source.