Remo BH-0012-A1 12" Key-Tuned Bahia Bass Drum Gypsy Red


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Are you looking for a resonant bass drum?  The Remo Bahia Bass drum is a perfect bass drum for percussionists, drum cirlces, music therapy settings, or music classrooms.  The drum is equipped with raised feet and the diameter and materials of the head allow for optimal resonance. 

~Tereasa Evans, Music Education Consultant

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The Bahia Bass Drum is specifically designed to be used in both recreational and educational settings. The Bahia Bass Drum is available in three diameters: 12",14", and 16". All are 21" in height. Designed to be nested, the 12" and 14" drums fit snuggly inside the 16" drum for better portability. The drums feature durable molded feet for stability and sound projection, a black Bahia Bass drumhead for a profound bass sound and Remo's proprietary light weight Acousticon shell construction.
The Bahia Bass drumhead is made with a 5-mil bottom layer of clear Mylar film and a top layer of a black Naugahyde, simulated leather (vinyl) material. This combination produces a very low bass tone which dramatically eliminates most overtones. These qualities will also produce a softer bass sound with less attack when played with a drum stick. This combination of the Bahia Bass drumhead and Acousticon drum shell creates a unique sounding bass drum.
Mallet available separately (Item# 254791).
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